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Outpatient treatment is delivered in either an individual or group setting or a combination of both. Group sessions are 90 minutes in length. Individual sessions are 45-60 minutes. Treatment plan reviews will be conducted at varying times throughout treatment to monitor progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Casey’s Law Evaluations: We use a sliding fee scale with a maximum cost of $60 to perform a Casey’s Law evaluation. In addition, once we perform the evaluation, we offer all future services at no cost for the individual and loved ones including: individual and family therapy. We have found it very helpful once the person is placed in treatment for the loved ones to be educated on the disease of addiction along with what to expect throughout the individuals recovery. For more information, please contact any of our offices.

Multiple services offered which include: The 20 hour Prime For Life Driving Unimpaired program (the only state approved education course for those convicted of a DUI 1st offense).  For a detailed listing of all services offered visit http://www.180counseling.com/#program-descriptions

Insurance plans accepted.


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