Trimble County Drug Education Series, October 10, 2017

Each educational presentation will be held at:

Trimble County Cooperative Extension Service 43 High Country Lane ● Bedford, Kentucky 40006

6:00—8:00 PM on the following Tuesdays

October 10 – How Does Substance Abuse/Misuse Affect Our Community

A Town Hall type discussion with panel members from the school, pharmacy,

court system, legal system, law enforcement, EMS, and an elected official.

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October 24 – Helping vs. Enabling

A presentation by Charlotte Wethington that will focus on supporting recovery and the nature of enabling, including how Casey’s Law can be part of the journey.

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November 7 – Hiding in Plain Sight

A presentation by KY State Trooper Robert Purdy taking a look at where and how youth and adults can hide drugs and drug related paraphernalia out in the open. FREE Giveaway: Home Drug Testing Kit

November 28 – The Next Step: What Prevention Can Do for Our Community

A presentation from the Centerstone Prevention Division and the Trimble CARES

This Series of sessions are open to the general public. For more information call the Trimble County Extension office at 502-255-7188 or Trimble County Youth Services Center at 502-663-0102

Click on the following link for event flyer information: 2017 DRUG FLYER trimble