Welcome to SOS for Addictions

Welcome to SOS for Addictions. Our new interactive and helpful site was created to provide families and individuals who are battling addiction with the opportunity to access a directory of information and services that are helpful to them. We’ll use our unique platform to help individuals by offering drug abuse education and community support, and we’ll keep our community updated about relevant events. It’s our mission to provide visitors to our site the ability to connect with professionals and others going through similar life experiences.

As a community, we’ve got a real issue on our hands, and it’s affecting millions of Americans every single day. Part of the problem that our communities are faced with is lack of education and awareness. Prescription drug overdose currently makes up almost 40% of deaths that occur each year. Unsettling surveys show that if a teen tries a prescription drug recreationally for the first time, 50% of them do so believing the drug is safer than illegal street drugs. In fact, 60% to 70% of first-time users say they found those drugs in the medicine cabinet in their own home. It’s time individuals had a source for education and support for prescription drug abuse and other challenging addictions.

Please take a look around and explore our resources. Together, we can overcome addiction and be a beacon of hope for those still finding their way.